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Jeff Vrstal: Rigger and Photographer Extraordinaire

Jeff Vrstal is not your average family photographer. While he does do the occasional church directory portrait (imagine that!), and his studio is in a very nondescript building, his work is anything but chaste and nondescript. He himself is a rather quiet man whose appearance and mannerisms would lead you to believe he’s, you know,
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What is Madison Kink?

MadisonKink is an independent site dedicated to promoting kink-friendly groups and events in the Madison area, as well as presenting kink, itself, in a way that is more accessible and acceptable to everyone.

This site is about presenting information. We do this through member listings, feature articles, articles on up-coming events, and what we hope to be the most accurate and comprehensive calendar of kink-friendly events in and around Madison. We also have a volunteer staff of writers presenting articles on health, law, faith, and social interaction in a kink context. Our writers are credentialed professionals and authors of proven worth. Our standards are high because you deserve it.

MadisonKink is for everybody. We strive not only to be a neutral focal point for those who call themselves "kinky", but to also be a quality source of information and insight for anyone who's curious about this thing called "kink".


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Reveiw of “Finding Anna,  a four book series” by Sherri Hayes Reveiw of “Finding Anna, a four book series” by Sherri Hayes

Book Review for the “Finding Anna Series” by Sherri Hayes There are four books in the series beginning with Book 1 “Slave”, I met Sherri
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Book reveiw “Making Faces” by Kevyn Aucoin

For the new year I thought I would start off with non-fiction.  One of my favoirte books doesn’t even have anything to do with BDSM,
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Bibliophile, Thats me!

Yep I’m a Bibliophile, a collector of books and in the last year my collection has grown by leaps and bounds.   I have a “to
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Book Review: The Big Book of Orgasms

The first books I found that were edited by Rachel Kramer Bussel, I found last March when I was in Madison getting deer damage repair
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Buying a Corset.

Some people seem to have the perfect fetish wardrobe.  They go to parties and gatherings and have the polish of a 50’s pin-up or the
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Saturday Specials

No. I’m Not a Feminist.

Recently, I got involved in a discussion about “misogyny”.  Until the end, I hadn’t bothered to express my own opinions on the various topics. Despite that, several women took it upon themselves to hurl insults my way (do I smell farts and elderberries?) The most telling insult I saw in that thread (one not directed
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I went to an anime convention recently (yes, feel free to roll your eyes and judge accordingly) and had a wonderful time. There were so many people there who were so dedicated to dressing up in character and being someone they truly enjoyed. It was a moment in time where they could be around others
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BDSM Ideas

Here’s an Idea: Be Vanilla

A lot of people ask “how can I be more kinky” or “what can I do to be kinky?” or “What does my kinky lover
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Aiden’s Kinky Christmas Playlist

Holiday music really isn’t usually what I think of when I’m getting a playlist ready for a scene.  Something about the pleasant ring of sleigh
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Advice: Help! My Partner Wants Things That I May Not be Okay With.

In this video we discuss a reader’s question about how to handle a situation where his partner is interested in S&M and non-monogamy but the partner isn’t sure he will enjoy or even be okay with some or all of the activities. Submit your questions here or email us at Jay Blevins, LMFT Jasmine
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Miss R’s tips for a Profile

I have mentioned this before, and I will mention it again, but if you have a profile on a dating/kinky/any site, please do it right. Right can be subjective, but if you follow these tips, you just may get the attention you are looking for. Pictures set the tone. People don’t read your profile, then
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