BDSM & Kink Groups in Madison

Chez BoucheChez Bouché

Now touring the Midwest with a “bawd-villian” blend of physical and stand-up comedy, irreverent puppetry, unexpected magic, glam rock-like artistry, precise lip sync, outrageous celebrity impersonations, intricately choreographed high-energy dance numbers and bold sex appeal, Chez Bouché: A Dance/Comedy Revue is a provocative, edgy variety show that is sure to please and intrigue you with its naughty and neo-burlesque feel.

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Madtown Beatdown

The Madtown Beatdown meets for kinky grappling/rough body play, training, and PARTIES! Their goal is to show people how to get on the mat and use wrestling and Brazilian jiu-jitsu techniques to have sweaty intense kinky fun. Everyone is welcome, which means all skill levels and health levels!

The Beatdown is also available to do presentations for local (Midwest US) groups and major events throughout the country assuming teachers are available and  can agree on travel expenses and accommodations.  Madtown Beatdown offers multiple classes including:

* Introduction to Kinky Grappling
* Trigger Points for Pain and Pleasure
* Breath Play: Lessons from Judo and Brazilian Jiu-jitsu

MadtownBeatdown website


Kinkbusters is a group of local kinksters out to educate the world about the (lack of) dangers in kink.  Every month, they tackle a new “myth” with research and practical testing.  They rely on members of the community for field-specific expertise–and to be victims.  It’s all on video and posted to their website.  If you’re interested in an intelligent and fun approach to teaching kink, get involved.

Kinkbusters website