Pampering your Dominant- How to do a manicure

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file6821299540787Hello folks, I have not written in a while, I hope you missed me! 😉

I had a request from someone to explain how to give a manicure to his lady. This sort of grooming pampering is also appreciated by men.

You will need an emery board, a small bowl large enough to fit a whole hand (for soaking the nails), a cuticle pusher, a cuticle nipper, cuticle cream, an orange stick, and small towels (hand towels work nicely).  You may also need nail polish remover, as well as base coat, nail polish, and a top coat. All can be found at Sally Beauty supply or most drugstores.

First you must find out if your dominant is wearing artificial nails. Natural nails are best suited for this procedure.

Set your work area up. Lay the towel down. Have all your supplies on the edge of the towel. Set up however is convenient for you.  If your dominant is wearing nail polish, you first must remove the polish, using cotton balls or paper toweling of some sort.

Be sure to remove the polish completely. You can wrap cotton around the orange stick to get into the sides of the nail bed. Wrap the stick, and apply polish remover to the cotton. Now prepare your bowl of hot sudsy water (use a few drops of gentle shampoo) fill bowl halfway. I make the water hot so that it is comfortable by the time you finish filing one hand.  If the water cools, freshen it up.  Now you can file the nails to shape them. Determine the shape your domme wants. Some women like pointed nails, some oval, some more square. She will tell you what she prefers. With men, I usually use the natural nail bed edge.  The nail bed is where the nail covers the fingertip. Always file from outside to the center. Do not saw back and forth.  Use one fluid motion from outside to center.  Do this to one hand.  Once you have finished the one hand, apply cuticle cream (the cuticle is the area all around where the nail meets the skin).  Now place the hand into the warm sudsy water and proceed to the second hand in the same procedure as the first. While hand #2 is soaking, you will pat dry the first hand, re-apply cuticle cream if needed, and gently push back the cuticle.  Some people do not have any to push back.  With your cuticle pusher, use a 30 degree angle to the surface, and very gently work your way around each nail.  Use the orange stick to clean under the nail’s free edge (the part of the nail that protrudes out from the skin).  Place this hand aside and complete this procedure on the second hand. Once you have completed this, it’s time for a gentle hand massage. You may want to include the forearms and well–even more if you are really looking to impress! Once the massaging is complete, wash the nail surface with fresh warm water. If there is residual lotion, the polish will not adhere. A nail brush or a new toothbrush would be helpful here.

Now.. to the polishing.

Begin with a base coat, roll the bottle between your palms to shake the polish- never shake it like you would a cocktail; that adds air bubbles to the polish, and air bubbles= divets in the final look. Apply one coat of base coat. Let it dry.  Now for the color. Again, roll the bottle in your palms. Remove the brush from the bottle. Dip the brush in dragging one side of the brush along the inside rim of the bottle. With the loaded side of the brush facing downward, begin the first stroke from nail bed to tip in the center of the nail.  Reload your bush and add a second stroke to the left side of the nail and another down the right side of the nail. Do both hands.

Allow this to dry, continue with more coats until the desired look is seen. If you slipped and polished skin, all is not lost. Leave it.  You can go back with a cotton covered orange stick dipped in polish remover to clean up messes. Remember thinner coats will dry faster and the polish will stay on the nails longer. While you wait for the polish to dry, you might entertain your domme by feeding them treats…  maybe chocolate covered strawberries? Have a drink for them to sip from a straw–you really ought to hold the drink for them.

This is harder to explain than I thought.  If you are unclear on how to do something, try it on yourself first. I don’t like to say cut skin off the cuticles, unless it is REALLY clear where dead skin and live skin are. This isn’t meant to be blood play! Massage techniques for hands and arms are likely to be found on YouTube. I hate to say that, but it’s good to see this done as well as read a how-to. Happy manicuring!

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  1. […] I had a request from someone to explain how to give a manicure to his lady. This sort of grooming pampering is also appreciated by men.  […]

  2. […] I had a request from someone to explain how to give a manicure to his lady. This sort of grooming pampering is also appreciated by men.  […]